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Home and Business SSAIB Registered Installer of CCTV Systems

We are a specialist company offering installation repair and service of commercial & domestic CCTV Systems Based in Rochdale we cover and install CCTV systems Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Your home, your business, your garage, your garden, your driveway, your cars... They all belong to you. Protecting what is yours is easier than ever, with a professionally installed, easy-to-use CCTV system from us.

We can install CCTV cameras to protect any part of your property, inside or outside, CCTV cameras can be discreet or obvious depending on your requirements and will deter potential criminals.

Full 1080P HD quality images are recorded 24/7 providing excellent playback and snapshot images ready for police & crown prosecution use.

We pride ourselves on quality installations and quality products, that's why we insist on installing quality HD cameras, combine this with high quality cabling and components and you get the highest resolution high definition (HD) CCTV images available.

Got a broadband connection? mobile CCTV as well as viewing on your TV or CCTV monitor, our CCTV systems connects to your broadband connection allowing you to access and monitor live video CCTV footage and play back from your property or business from any internet connected location around the world - Or even from your iPhone or Tablet PC via our simple app for smart-phones and tablets.

night vision all our CCTV cameras feature Night Vision Infra-Red systems built in. A simple but very effective addition to a CCTV camera - Infra-Red night vision allows you to record video footage up to 100 meters away from the camera in pitch-black. For example; in the dark of night, your driveway CCTV can still display a clear image of your vehicles without the need for any additional lighting.