Quantec Nursecall Systems

Quantec represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in call communication equipment for many years. It is a powerful yet easy to use addressable call system that puts the needs of its users (patients and staff) well and truly first.

Quantec Addressable Call Systems

Tried and tested with hundred of installations in care homes across the UK.
 In care applications, staff need to be able to promptly respond to residents calls and efficiency is paramount.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Installation & Maintinance

Quantec is a powerful yet easy-to-use addressable call system that helps ensure vital communication in any building. In environments where efficiency is paramount, Quantec delivers, saving staff time, minimising disturbance and improving the quality of patient, customer and employee care. Ideal for nursecall, dementia, staff protection, emergency assistance or affray applications, Quantec includes a host of individually programmable call points, displays, ceiling pulls, overdoor lights, monitoring points, infrared transmitters and more.

Dementia Care Solutions


Quantec's innovative and cost-effective dementia care products help meet the growing demand for innovations to aid people suffering from Alzheimer's and other degenerative illnesses. Our enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIR power interfaces, floor pressure mats and LED lights can be easily interfaced to existing Quantec systems representing excellent value for money.

Staff Attack Systems


Protect personnel against aggressive visitors, distressed patients or intruders with Quantec's all-encompassing range of infrared call points, ceiling receivers and radio receivers. Can be used in conjunction with our infrared/radio transmitters to remotely trigger calls in mental health hospitals, secure units, prisons and many other applications

Disabled WC Systems


Created to meet the rising demand for BS8300 compliant accessible toilet alarms, our new QT951 represents a cost-effective way of adding true BS8300 functionality to a Quantec system. Not only does it allow people in distress to call for assistance, crucially it also allows staff to send a confirmation signal to reassure the person within the WC that help is on the way.