Designed in conjunction with the NHS Trust and widely regarded as the leading light in the provision of high-intensity dementia care. Quantec Dementia Care allows care providers to enhance the level of care they provide for patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimers, incontinence and other degenerative illnesses


Quantec Dementia Care range
Quantec Dementia Controller
Creative and intelligent solutions

Allows Nursing homes to offer specialist Dementia care with little additional cost
Allows Nursing homes to meet the requirements of local authority dementia care provision targets


Sensor Mats
Quantec Dementia Care range

Quantec Dementia Care range offers three different pressure sensor mats; a bed exit mat, floor pressure mat, chair exit mat and an enuresis sensor

IR Receiver
Room Motion Detection

Can be configured to automatically switch lights on and off when movement is detected to safely guide patients to and from en-suite areas.

Interface Units
designed and manufactured in the UK

Easily adapted to the changing needs and ongoing behaviour patterns of Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers