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 Alarm System Repairs

We repair any make or other companys alarms and security systems.

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You can book a service call by ringing 01706 507888

Here are just a few alarm-faults that we can easily repair for you

Your external sounder rings when you have a power cut

  • This is one of the most common faults and caused by the systems standby battery requiring replacing. The security systems standby battery should be replaced after 4 years this is a very easy repair and if on a yearly maintenance contract would be checked every year. The cost to replace the battery should be no more than 25.00 GBP

Sometimes I have to enter my code twice before the system responds

  • Over a period of time the keypad contacts build up a layer of dirt or carbon on the keys and circuit board. A thorough cleaning will normally restore the keypad operation. This can be done as part of a Service and it is not advised to be carried out by the customer. we also advice to change you keypad pin number every few months this will stop un necessary wear on individual alarm keys and save having to repair the keypad, It is also good security practice, This repair can easily be done by yourself if you know the model of your intruder system have a look in our Customer downloads for the correct user instruction manual for your alarm

Why does my alarm ring even when the system is not set?

  • This can occur if the system detects a wiring fault and will usually show you a tamper indication on the alarm keypad or alarm control panel. A tamper condition is a fault and will require an engineer visit to repair this type of fault. 24 hour zones faults will need resetting before the system can reset. tamper wiring faults are usually down to poor installation were the wires have been run under carpet and across door way runners, Over time foot pressure will flatten the alarm cable causing wiring breaks or short circuits

My alarm system has started to emit a beep when unset if I open a door or walk into a room with a PIR in it

  • This is usually the accidental enabling of the chime function on your keypad. Instructions on how to disable the chime on your security system are available in your user guide.

"Don’t be misled into believing your alarm system needs replacing some companies don’t have the skill level to diagnose or repair the most common alarm faults or don’t want to we are system specialists with over 25 year’s experience with all makes or alarm panels and installations, If your alarm system is faulty give us a try its usually something very simple and low cost to repair"